Silver 25th Anniversary - Brossman Center

“The staff was so detailed, they knew how to make everyone feel special. My husband and I felt really special on our day. Karen /La Prima really made our 25th Anniversary a day to remember!” -Roslyn


Roslyn and Harold celebrated their Silver 25th Anniversary at The Brossman Center. They were surrounded by family and friends from around the world; Pittsburgh, California, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia and even Germany! The crab cakes and spinach stuffed mushrooms were the crowd favorites; but according to Roslyn’s six year old granddaughter, the fruit and meatballs were the best part. Needless to say there was something for everyone to munch on while they danced the night away celebrating 25 years of love.

Caterer: Karen Golland with La Prima Events

Venue: The Brossman Center







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