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    Welcome to Jiaozuo Libo Light Alloy Co., Ltd.

    Aluminum alloy sacrificial anode

    magnesium anode, zinc anode


    0391-7588881 +8618739187123

    Jiaozuo Libo Light Alloy Co., Ltd.

    LiBo Light alloy

    Cathodic protection material production and processing

    Products can be customized




    Four core advantages, Cathodic protection material manufacturer

    Libo Advantage
    • 強勁的企業實力,口碑遠播信譽可靠

      Strong corporate strength, reputation and reputation
      • 10 yearsfocus onProduction and sales of cathodic protection anticorrosion products;
      • Strong technical strength,able to respond well to the changing needs of customers
      • Factory direct sales,Guaranteed delivery
    • 規范化生產,質檢嚴格,保障產品質量

      Standardized production, strict quality inspection, guarantee product quality
      • Production site6s control,Long lifespan20-30 years;
      • Equipped with industry-leading testing equipment100% guarantee product quality;
      • Be the first to passISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001, 3C compulsory certification
    • 產量大,供貨及時,發貨迅速

      Large production volume, timely delivery, fast delivery
      • 10,000 square meters workshop, bulk purchase of raw materials
      • Precise size specifications, large-scale production, sufficient supply, timely delivery;
      • Long-term stable cooperation logistics site,Reasonable price
    • 無憂售后,售后服務

      Worry-free after-sales service, more practical than the "three bags"
      • 1 year warranty:Free maintenancetechnical assistance during the warranty period
      • Convenient delivery :Counterparty trading company
      • Technical Support:Provide free technical support at any time

    Libo Light alloy

    Pragmatic-Innovation-Pursuing Excellence


    Jiaozuo Libo Light Alloy Co., Ltd. is a collection of sacrificial anodes, magnesium alloy sacrificial anodes, aluminum alloy sacrificial anodes, zinc alloy sacrificial anodes, magnesium strips, zinc strips, reference electrodes, test piles, magnesium alloy rods, zinc grounded batteries, A limited liability company specializing in the production and processing of second-generation rainproof test piles, insulating joints and other products.

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